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Grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to any change that has impacted a life.  It is the conflicting feelings that are caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. 

It is not unusual, after a loss, that there are many things that must be done. Often people decide that they “must be strong” for all those around them and suppress their own feelings of pain and loss, so that they can be there for others. Some people feel that the best way to handle their personal loss is to “keep busy” with work or other endeavors, rather than taking time to go through the grief process.

I was one of these people.  After the loss of my son and husband in 2010 to suicide, I was ‘strong’ for everyone around me.  I immersed myself in volunteer work with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, work, and caring for my daughter and her sons.  Following the loss of my daughter in 2015, the grief that I had suppressed for many years multiplied.  I knew that I needed help.  I knew that I needed a change.  I left my job and began to take care of myself physically.  I contemplated what to do with the rest of my life.  I felt a calling to help others who have endured losses and help them and myself heal and lead happy lives.

As a Grief Recovery Specialist and as someone who has endured losses, I have learned the problem with grief is that if you fail to take action to deal with your personal emotional pain, and instead suppress it, it waits deep inside to haunt you later.

I believe unresolved grief is the major underlying issue in most people’s lives. Successful recovery from loss involves sorting out the things that were incomplete and putting voice to those things we wish might have been different or better. It also involves dealing with the dreams and expectations of a different future than what is being faced after that loss. This is the foundation for the Grief Recovery Method.

The Grief Recovery Method® provides the tools needed and the action steps we can take in order to be able to complete our grief and live our lives more fully. We are able to complete any unresolved feelings and to no longer allow the pain of our loss prevent us from living our lives.  I know this program works.  I have completed the program dealing with the loss of my husband.  After completing the steps, I am at peace.

Together we will work to understand why what we've been taught about grief and loss does not help us heal. We'll learn how to become complete regarding a loss we've each experienced, and reclaim energy and joy for living in the moment.

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~ Laurie